Bar operations are complex.
We simplify them.

Monitor your kegs in real time with our smart keg scales. See current levels, projected kick dates, and track freshness

Unlock advanced analytics to optimize beer lineups, monitor waste and maximize top-line revenue.

Drive traffic and engage customers by publishing your menu on digital signs, social media, print menus and more.

We Deliver Accurate, Timely, Trustworthy Data About Your Beverage Lineup

We know how complex bar operations can be. We deliver results that simplify them, while increasing your check average, lowering your costs, and driving traffic.

Monitor your draft inventory, Optimize your operations, and Promote your lineup to gain a clear advantage over your competition.

check Drive Traffic

check Increase Check Average

check Reduce Waste

iKeg Will Simplify Your Bar Operations

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Monitor Your Draft Inventory In Real Time

SteadyServ's patented smart scales allow you to see inside your keg. Our smart keg scales sit under each of your kegs and constantly measures how much liquid is remaining. Taking inventory is as easy as opening the iKeg app.

Optimize Your Beer Menu And Analyze Your Waste To Boost Your Revenue

SteadyServ integrates with your point-of-sale system and turns boring reports into easy-to-understand, actionable analytics about your beer lineup, all at the tip of your fingers in the iKeg app. Picking products that will sell and generate repeat customers was never so easy.

Coupled with a Monitor subscription, you can unlock deep and meaningful analysis of your draft waste. Easily monitor how much draft waste is costing your bottom line, and identify opportunities to train your staff to waste less.

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Promote Your Lineup, Manage Your Beer Menu In One Place, Engage Your Customers

iKeg allows you to update your beer menu in one place and publish it to televisions in your restaurant, a page on your website, or just print it out. Add in your specials and promotions and your menu automatically updates. It has never been so easy to manage your menu and keep everything in sync.

Want to drive more customers in the door? Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and create instant buzz on social media as soon as you tap a new, exciting beer.

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